"The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step"



Mexico is a land that inspires both sun and beach lovers and the culture. This great country and lovely temperament and joy of its people; for its picturesque colonial towns, indigenous and suggestive for its colorful markets Peoples. The diversity of the landscapes of Mexico will not fail to surprise you. And the greatness of their pyramids, palaces and temples, all witnesses of the ancient Aztec and Maya cultures. Your vacation in Mexico will have it all: culture and wonderful beaches with turquoise waters. No other country can offer so much... yet.


Few tourist destinations in Mexico offer many activities as Cancun and the Riviera Maya. From swimming with whale sharks, swim in underground rivers, excursions to archaeological sites, diving, snorkeling and more. Tours in Cancun is distinguished by its varied themes and experiences

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  • 1. Isla Mujeres Sailing Experience


    A full day in an excursion sailing through the Caribbean sea and enjoying the famous Isla Mujeres. Total Relax!

    Mexico ( Cancún )

  • 2.VIP Boat Rental Lucky


    The most amazing activity to fully discover Cancun seashore

    Mexico ( Cancún )

  • 4. Jet ski – 30 minutes

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    Pure adrenaline! The jet ski rental is a great option to have fun in the warm and calm waters of Cancun. Live a unique experience!

    Mexico ( Cancún )

  • 5. Jungle Tour

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    Adventure yourself through the mangrove driving your own boat and finish in the sea going snorkeling and discovering the abundant marine life. Do not miss this adventures!

    Mexico ( Cancún )

  • 6. Snorkel Tour in Cancún


    Get to know the reef and discover the infinite species that live in it, without a doubt it is an amazing and worth seeing habitat.

    Mexico ( Cancún )

  • 7. Pirate Boat Show and dinner on board


    The excitment of a pirate adventure in the sea! Witness the boat battle onboard of a pirate ship, ahoy captain!

    Mexico ( Cancún )

  • 7.1 Spectacular snorkel with turtles & Cenotes


    Live an unforgettable adventure swimming among caves and caribbean reefs where sea turtles coexist with an infinite number of marine species.

    Mexico ( Cancún )

  • 8. Private Fishing 4 hr.


    Disconnect with our experienced crew during 4 fishing hours in the beautiful waters of Cancun.

    Mexico ( Cancún )

  • 9. Columbus Romantic Dinner


    Enhance your holiday trip with a lovely romantic dinner on board of the Spanish Galleon Columbus. You deserve the pleasure!

    Mexico ( Cancún )

  • 9.10. Exclusive visit to Contoy Island


    Visit the exclusive natural reserve in Quintana Roo and enjoy its wonders. Make your reservation and discover these amazing reefs!

    Mexico ( Cancún )

  • 9.11. Double Tank Local Dive


    What are you waiting for? Adventure to visit shipwrecks and coral reefs. living the diving experience to the max.

    Mexico ( Cancún )

  • 9.12. Double Tank Cenotes


    The ultimate experience to dive in subacuatic caverns and world famous cenotes. Join us to see the largest underwater stalactite and explore a world second to none!

    Mexico ( Cancún )

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