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Homped mermaids

By: Paulina DORANTES G


The giant squid, mermaids, The Kraken… Mythical animals have captivate greatest writers through history making themselves the main characters of stories that we have been hearing since we were kids. This only has cause one thing, our fantasy of stand face to face with one of this monsters, including, of course, the humpback of more than 12 meters long, the Yubarta.

Mythology narrows that when Odiseo found himself with the mermaids he made his man tie him up to the mast, he didn’t cover his ears but his sailors did, he also warned them to not listen to him, to not untie him even if he was begging with his life. All this precaution made possible for Odiseo to listen to the mermaids song and don’t die trying. Historians have come to the conclusion that the song described in this stories it’s the song of the Humpback whale traveling across the ocean and rumbling in the hull of the boats, creating a mystical scenario and filing the space with a gorgeous music.


People also said that the Yubarta it’s also a protector of life. The marine biologist Robert Pitman witnessed how two humpback whales get in the middle of a grupo of killer whales and a seal, the whale carried the seal all the way to a piece of ice and put it safe. A few months later the biologist published an article in the Marine Mammal Science magazine in which he documented other similar cases like the one he saw in the Antartida.

Stories about marine animals are uncountable. The one of Odiseo and the mermaids its only one example of admiration for this animals and his underwater world, a world that we still have a lot to learn.


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