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Blue Reef Reforest Project: A Project for the Conservation of Marine Life in The Maldives

Blue Reef Reforest – Maldives


Have you ever heard of the Blue Reef Reforest project? This RIU Hotels project is a fantastic collaboration between ScubaCaribe and the hotel chain to restore the coral reef that pollution and climate change have damaged in the Maldives.



Franco Mendiola, our marine biologist from ScubaCaribe, leads and sets up this project to repopulate the reef. One of the program’s main activities is collecting the damaged corals around the hotel and placing them in a nursery to promote their growth in a controlled and safe environment. Once the corals have grown enough, they are moved to the reef to continue their development. Also, these corals contribute to restoring the marine ecosystem.



Besides that, the project focuses on raising awareness among the community and travelers. They share their knowledge on protecting marine flora and fauna with students from the Kudahuvadhoo School to raise future generation’s awareness of the importance of the marine ecosystem.



Every Sunday, our experts hold activities at the Riu Atoll Hotel, Maldives, where they talk to guests about the project and marine life. And guess what? You can win a snorkeling activity by participating in their quiz contest.



These initiatives help preserve the marine ecosystem. If you want to know more about the news and progress on the Blue Reef Reforest project, follow ScubaCaribe on Instagram and Facebook. Please share your ideas about reinforcing sustainability goals; we’re all ears!


Johana Navarro R.
Social Media & Influencer Manager

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