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Partnering for Aquatic Thrills: ScubaCaribe & ION CLUB’s Mauritius Adventure!

Don’t limit yourself, Le Morne Peninsula is big enough for extraordinary adventures and small enough to do it all in one holiday. ScubaCaribe and ION CLUB teamed up there to make this happen!

Don’t limit yourself; don’t let others convince you you are limited in what you can do ― Thomas S. Monson, a well-known American religious leader and author. Le Morne’s destination is so much more than a beach holiday. Calming, euphoric, curious or adventurous. Le Morne is a place to embrace every energy. ION CLUB and ScubaCaribe will surely be one of the Vitamin-sea enhancers of this vibrant island holiday energy! From family activities to romantic moments, we offer the best things to do in Le Morne. 

ScubaCaribe and ION CLUB agree with Thomas S. Monson. In line of thought, both sea-energy ambassadors have set up a fantastic base at the new and exotic Hotel Riu Turquoise and Riu Palace on the island of Mauritius, which is the perfect choice for a holiday. ScubaCaribe and  ION CLUB are working hand in hand to share our passion for the water element, strengthened by more than 30 years of experience as ocean passionate, striving to offer the best and thrilling experience, excellent customer service, and lifelong memories during your well-deserved vacation.

As of June 1, 2024, these two exquisite resorts will open their doors in Mauritius, located at the heavenly white-sand beaches of the Le Morne Peninsula, at the foot of Morne Brabant Mountain, and the iconic landmarks of the spectacular Underwater Waterfall. ION CLUB and ScubaCaribe have put their heads together for this, big enough for extraordinary adventures and small enough to do it all in one holiday.

ScubaCaribe and ION CLUB have solid experience in watersports, and each one in their field is a true gem of the southwest region. ScubaCaribe and ION CLUB offer authentic interactions and meaningful experiences—and we teamed up there to make this happen!

ScubaCaribe Mauritius forms part of a group of 15 ScubaCaribe destinations, where we feature among the best scuba diving on the island, private boat touring, and snorkeling trips. The Le Morne destination offers 12 dive sites from the west to south coast region, adequate for beginners to qualified advanced divers. Dive sites are of a depth ranging from 6-30 m and spotlight the Hoi Siong wreck for wreck lovers and specialty. PADI instructors are available on-site and offer several language assistance to help students complete different PADI diving courses.

Apart from the diving thrill, one can quickly answer the open invitation to come and see why the lagoons, beaches, and peninsula are so special. Fins, masks, and snorkel help to enhance this meaningful interaction with the aquatic world, floral wrasses, yellow boxfish, parrotfish, and the numerous species of butterfly fish, are the most common encounters, while the green and hawksbill turtles and rays, among other bigger fishes, are quite often run into by the lucky and more curious snorkelers at our different snorkeling sites.

We are wrapping up the thrill for the comfort of good food, romantic moments, well-being, and a place to feel free. ScubaCaribe has put forward all the island energy to offer an unprecedented experience of the most evocative of dream, escape, and heavenly sandy beach coastline together with turquoise water for a full day or half day touring dolphin interactions and the idyllic Crystal Rock and Benitier island for a lunch stop. You could easily pause from busy lives and feel present, taking time to connect with one and loved ones. 

The adrenaline adventure continues, making you feel alive with kitesurfing, diving, and kayaking activities. ION CLUB Mauritius is one of the 16 water sports schools worldwide and promotes Le Morne’s destination as one of the best and most diverse spots for kitesurfing, wingfoiling, and windsurfing. ION CLUB Mauritius offers different lessons at the kite lagoon adapted to your level and experience, as well as equipment rental for Kitesurf, Wingfoil & Windsurf, and supervision.

ION CLUB confirms all conditions for practicing these beloved water sports: from flat water with a shallow depth in the kite lagoon, suitable for beginners, to the small waves of Little Reef for those learning to surf with the kite in the lagoon wind. Manawa and Chameau’s larger and more powerful waves are higher and less dangerous. Another famous peculiarity is the One-Eye wave, which is much more radical and reserved for experts. Le Morne is undoubtedly a perfect spot for riders of all levels and offers the ultimate combination of flat water lagoons, steady winds, great year-round temperatures, and incredible waves. The place at Le Morne is the perfect playground for you. All kitesurfing lessons are taught by certified instructors at the ION CLUB Mauritius.

ScubaCaribe and ION Club join together for an invitation from the local team to come and see why the Le Morne destination is so unique—mountains, lagoons, beaches, hiking, and kayaking. Le Morne Peninsula is big enough for extraordinary adventures and small enough to do everything in one holiday.

Most importantly, our Mauritian team is made up of warm, welcoming, and friendly faces. The people of Mauritius are diverse and inclusive and will make every guest feel right at home. 

We teamed up there to make this happen!

James Zallimet
PR & Social Media Mauritius

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