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Today´s Event to celebrate: ScubaCaribe fills Aruba with fun adventures!

ScubaCaribe is opening today for the first time water sports centers in Aruba! This is a whole new challenge and we are ready to face it. We will be located inside Riu Hotel & Resort at Palm Beach.

Enjoy quite an attractive beach that rivals with any in the Caribbean, with emerald waters and fine white sand, along with top quality tourist infrastructure. Whether its strolling under the high palm trees, relaxing under the sun, dipping into the limpid waters or practicing a wide variety of water sports, this place has a bit for everyone.  

The warm sea, transparent waters and gentle current, offer optimum conditions for discovering the undersea world. There are numerous outings from Palm Beach to reefs, sunken ships and deep coral walls. Like the rest of the Caribbean, the waters have a wealth of biodiversity. Hidden amongst the bright coral are sea bass, parrot fish, angel fish, argentine goatfish, moray eels, manta rays, lobsters and turtle.

Diving and Snorkeling: Diving in Aruba is famous for the spectacular shipwrecks and interesting coral formations that dominate Aruba’s underwater realm. This includes the 400 foot Antilla wreck — the largest wreck in the Caribbean.

Aruba’s dive sites lie along the protected western and southern coasts, a short distance from the hotels on Palm Beach. Aruba’s waters are rich in exotic marine life, including stingrays, moray eels, manta rays, barracudas and yellow tail. A large, shallow sand plateau surrounds Aruba making boat travel the most convenient method of reaching the off-shore reefs. Interesting coral formations are found from shallow water depths of 20 to 100 feet (6 – 30 meters), with little or no current and surface conditions.

These are the 7 main diving sites you can find in the area near Palm Beach:


1. California Wreck (30-45’ft)The wreck is surrounded by large coral formations and an abundance of tropical fish. This dive site is only for advanced divers, due to currents and sometimes choppy seas. The wreck is almost 100 years old.

2. Arashi Reef / Wreck (35-40′)
A fascinating reef for beginners. Parts of a sunken Lockheed Lodestar are scattered at 35 feet of water. Coral formations, parrot and angelfish surround the airplane wreckage and coral heads.
3. Antilla Wreck (60′)
Locally referred to as the “Ghost Ship” this German freighter (brand new at the time) was scuttled on May 10, 1940 when the Germans invaded Holland during World War II. The largest wreck in the Caribbean (400′ long), it is great for penetrations due to the large compartments of this vessel.
4. Blue Reef & Debbie II (70′)
Paths of wildly spread leaf and brain corals await you at this bottom-reef.This reef is known for its huge lobsters and stingrays taking their daily “siesta” waiting to be photographed. Giant barrel sponges in purple, orange and green are found everywhere. In 1992, a 120′ fuel barge was sunk as an additional attraction. The wreck attracts schooling fish and barracudas.
5. Pedernales (25′)
A beginner’s paradise offering a combination of large pieces of wreck spread out between coral formations. You can see sections of cabins, wash basins, lavatories, etc. as well as the pipe line system that goes with this oil tanker, which was torpedoed in 1942 during World War II by a German submarine.
6. Harbour Reef/Pilot Boat (40-100′)
Super dive! Gradually dropping through magnificent formations of hard and soft coral to an old pilot boat, where a pair of green morays await your arrival. On occasion spotted eagle-rays and stingrays can be seen. Favorite of many for good photography opportunities.
7. Renaissance Airplane (30-60′)
Dive into this Convair 400 wreck. The airplane was sunk on a sloping reef surrounded by soft corals.


Submarines tours: For those wanting to see the seabed without getting wet recommend a thrilling submarine tour, with which they can explore up to 130 feet and know the most exciting sea creatures. Those with claustrophobia or do not dare this adventure, have the option of a semi-submarine ride, a boat with windows on your helmet, it also allows marine though not so deep backgrounds! Both start at Paardenbaai Bay harbor in Oranjestad. 


Wind and kite surfing: Both those who want to start in these disciplines and who wish to dominate and enjoy them, will find Aruba splendid spots in which to practice. Also in the area of Fishermans Huts are various equipment rental companies and instructors that can help refine and display techniques and best beaches to enjoy the surf conditions.
We look forward seeing you here very soon! We will have special deals for this new opening! 
Have a nice weekend!

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