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  • Supplement for 1 dive
  • Experienced dive guide
  • Donation bracelet

Bull Shark Diving – Supplement (Dec-Mar)

Location: Playa del Carmen

Kick up your adrenaline and dive with majestic bull sharks!

You can't miss the ultimate adrenaline kick for experienced divers during the winter months on Mexico's Riviera Maya. Between December and March, we usually see up to 10 female bull sharks that come to give birth in the shallower waters in front of Playa del Carmen. Enjoy this thrilling experience by taking a closer look at these solitary hunters

The Bull Shark is an animal that can weigh up to 250kg and measure between 2 or 3 meters in length. The dive is 20 meters deep and it is available just for seasonal diving.

According to other diving schools, they are specific hours of observations. Diving groups will be small and consist of 6 experienced advanced divers (at least 25 registered dives) who will remain at a depth of 18-20 meters during the observation time.

Divers cannot wear any objects underwater and only dark-colored wetsuits (non-colorful and/or fluorescent) are accepted. After observation time, your slow ascent to the surface will begin immediately.

Please bring your diving license, swimwear, a towel, water and medical statement, if required.

  • Supplement for 1 dive
  • Experienced dive guide
  • Donation bracelet
  • 1 dive (you require 1 dive of your dive package)
  • Diving equipment

Certified advanced divers,
Only 15 years old minimum,
Minimum of 25 logged dives,
1 local dive mandatory before activity (not included),
Comfort and risk awareness,
The PADI ReActivate program is mandatory for divers with more than 1 year without diving,
Good health conditions. Please check our medical form.

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