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  • Boat Ride
  • 6 Tanks
  • Professional PADI Guide

Coral Package – 6 local dives

Location: Playa del Carmen

Explore Playa del Carmen's underwater world!

Discover the vibrant local reefs such as Tortugas, Sabalos and Jardines; Playa del Carmen is the ideal starting point to explore the best diving along the Riviera Maya. You can use those 6 tanks for local reef dives or upgrade some of them with supplements to adventure dives like bull shark diving in winter (Dec-Mar), Cozumel or Cenotes (throughout the year)

Embark by boat from the beach and join us to discover 6 different dive sites. Please consider the certification and experience level required to dive in the following locations:

- Mama Viña (PADI AOWD | Experience: 10 dives)
- Pta Venado (PADI AOWD | Experience: 10 dives)
- Barracuda (PADI OWD | Experience: 5 dives)
- Sabalos (PADI OWD | Experience: 5 dives)
- Turtles (PADI OWD | Experience: 5 dives)
- Moc-che (Experience: none)
- Gardens (Experience: none)
- Chun-zumbul (Experience: none)
- Shangrila (Experience: none)

Please bring your diving license, swimwear, a towel, water and medical statement, if required.

  • Boat Ride
  • 6 Tanks
  • Professional PADI Guide
  • Diving Equipment
  • Photography Service
  • Ground Transportation To Riu Yucatan For Non-Riu Guests

Certified divers,
Minimum 10 years old,
Good health conditions. Please check our medical form.

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