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1 local dive

Location: Playa Blanca

Explore Panama's underwater world!

We offer daily scuba diving trips to the most interesting dive sites near Playa Blanca like El Pilar, Pelicano and La Cueva, at Farallon Island which is reachable within a quick 10-minute boat ride from Playa Blanca´s Marina located in front the RIU hotel

What to expect...

El Pilar (Depth: 6-9m/ 20-30ft)
This dive site is located in the northern part of the Farallon Island, a point with lots of marine life and beautiful coral formations. Divers can expect to see many tropical fish like sergeants, trigger fish, pufferfish, different types of eels, octopus and and rays that made this place their home! Definitely worth seeing!

Pelicano (Depth: 6-9m/ 20-30ft)
This dive spot located on the western part of Farallon Island features a sandy bottom and interesting underwater rock formations. Here it is possible to see many tropical fish and lots of species that are usually hidden between the rocks.

La Cueva (Depth: 6-9m/ 20-30ft)
La Cueva is the name of the eastern part of Farallon Island where you can reach a maximum of 9m/ 30ft depth. You will be surprised by the big amount of brain coral and interesting underwater pinnacles. This dive site is rich in marine life, such as Graybar Grunt, Jewel Moray, Green Moray, Round Stingray, Southern Stingray, Reef Cornetfish, Juvenile Golden Jack, Panama Graysby, Flag Cabrilla, octopus, lobsters, Orangeside Triggerfish, Blunt Head Triggerfish, Sergeant Mayor, Mexican Goatfish, Barber Fish, Spiny Balloonfish, and much more!

Please bring your diving license, swimwear, a towel, water and medical statement, if required.

  • 1 local dive
  • Dive guide
  • Diving equipment

Certified divers,
Good health conditions. Please check our medical form.

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