Why is it important to use biodegradable sunscreen?

Hello world, Let me tell you something I understood not so long ago. The sun is life. Without this big star we wouldn’t be here. The sun wakes you up in the morning and makes you want to go outside....
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Did you know that… ? Whale sharks

It’s about the size of a whale, but it’s not whale. Similar to a shark, but it’s not a shark. His nicknames include the “Domino Pez,” “The Lady Fish,” “The Gentle Giant” is even venerated as a God in the...
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Been There… Done That! – SWIM WITH WHALE SHARKS

Been There… Done That! Swim with Whale Sharks   I didn´t know anything about whale sharks when the opportunity to get into the water with this animal crossed my path in June 2012 when I visited Cancun for the second...
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Been There… Done That! – COZUMEL

Been There… Done That! COZUMEL I am passionate about Cozumel in many different ways. Because it’s a National Park, fishing in the places in some places is totally forbidden. I dived there and there´s a great variety of marine life...
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san valentin

Romantic Date Ideas for the Beach

  The beach is a prime spot to spend a romantic getaway. The natural beauty and breaking waves set the perfect ambiance for romance, day or night. Whether you’re a seasoned couple or fairly new in your relationship, here are...
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What is snorkeling?

What is Snorkeling? Snorkeling is a way of discovering the underwater world. It is being in contact with nature. The marine life looks you right in the eye and you get caught forever. After snorkeling with us, in @ScubaCaribe, you’ll...
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