ScubaCaribe inaugurates new Dive & Watersports Center in Mexico

SCUBACARIBE INAUGURATES NEW DIVE & WATERSPORTS CENTER IN MEXICO PRISTINE LOCATION AT HOTEL RIU DUNAMAR, COSTA MUJERES FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 02/12/2017 Mexico, Cancun: ScubaCaribe, one of the most established dive and watersports operations in the Caribbean with more than 25...
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4 places to visit in Riviera Maya

The Tulum Ruins If you have not visited these beautiful ruins of Tulum, we highly recommend them! Less than an hour from Playa del Carmen is this paradisiacal archaeological site of Tulum, which in Mayan means ”Wall”. We suggest you...
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5 things that you shouldn´t miss if you visit Cabo San Lucas (Mexico)

San Jose del Cabo is the Municipal headquarters of Los Cabos, which is located at the end of the peninsula of Baja California. San José was founded in the year 1730 when the Jesuit Mission was established during the colonial...
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Why is it important to use biodegradable sunscreen?

Hello world, Let me tell you something I understood not so long ago. The sun is life. Without this big star we wouldn’t be here. The sun wakes you up in the morning and makes you want to go outside....
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Whale Sharks – Did you know?

By Juan De Garay Whale Sharks are about the size of a whale, but are not whales. They are similar to sharks, but are not sharks. Their Spanish nickname is “Domino Pez”, means “The Lady Fish”. “The Gentle Giant” is...
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 By Paulina V. I didn’t know anything about whale sharks when the opportunity to get into the water with this animal crossed my path in June 2012, when I visited Cancun for the second time. I try to live under...
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