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The bodyboard is a variant of surf that uses a smaller board of hard foam as a support, its size can vary depending on the height and weight of the rider. With a fins we helped ourselves to slide to the beak to catch the wave. Once we are on a wave, depending on it we will put the fins embedded in the wall of the wave or without touching it to be able to gain speed. The beginning of the first will be with a small boost and we will be ready to surf.

Learning bodyboarding is not very difficult, if we dedicate all our effort. Only with a few days of practice you can slide correctly on the waves. At first, it can be a bit disappointing since the first moves are the hardest, but then I assure you that you will not want to stop.

Something you surely should know if you want to learn bodyboarding are some basic rules for beginners:

– Never enter the sea alone.
– Do not ever go into turbulent or underwater waters, as you can not get out of them easily.
– Do stretching exercises before entering and leaving the water.
– Wash all the material with fresh water after each session so that it does not spoil.
– Mandatory use of fins. In addition to helping us to boost us in more than one complicated time will help us out of trouble. So do not forget the fins on the shore. And especially at the beginning, you can get scrapes from the brush. We recommend bodyboarding booties. Another accessory that can not miss in your fins is the invention of body. Remember if you lose one, you lose both.

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