Dive at Coral Nursery


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Coral reefs constitute one of the most spectacular ecosystems on the planet. They are the most diverse, productive and vulnerable communities in the seas, rivaling in biological diversity only with tropical forests and fog forests, two of the most diverse terrestrial ecosystems.

Also, they serve as a barrier that protects mangrove and grassland grasses against the onslaught of waves. Mangroves and grasslands, in turn, protect the reef from sedimentation and serve as breeding and breeding grounds for many species in the marine ecosystem.

In this dive, the participant who has already taken the course with us and has already visited the nursery can once again go if he wishes to continue contributing to the conservation of corals

It includes:

Briefing with practice on land.
1 dive in the nursery ..

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Dreams Dominicus La Romana, Dreams La Romana Resort & Spa

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