Whale Shark encounter


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There are few experiences in the world that match swimming alongside the largest fish in the sea – especially when that fish is a shark! But don’t worry: these Whale Sharks are known as “gentle giants.”

The waters around Cabo are known for their whale population during late winter and early spring. From October until the end of February, you may be lucky enough to find these huge and majestic creatures of the sea.

Despite the resemblance in its name the whale shark isn’t a whale. It’s also not part of the the marine mammal family. The whale shark is actually the worlds largest fish, or shark for that matter. The name whale shark comes from the fact that this species of shark can grow to be as large as some whale species. It also happens to be a filter feeder, just like baleen whales. When fully grown the whale shark can grow to lengths of 40 ft., although some researchers speculate that 40 ft. may be a conservative number.

These are certainly very large creatures and come face to face with them has never been easier.

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