Why is it important to use biodegradable sunscreen?

Hello world,

Let me tell you something I understood not so long ago.
The sun is life. Without this big star we wouldn’t be here. The sun wakes you up in the morning and makes you want to go outside. The sun makes the birds sing and the grass grow. The sun also makes you thirsty and can burn your skin seriously if you stay long enough under its rays.

rayos de sol It’s precisely for this last reason that one day, #sunblock got invented.
Now everybody knows this product. It is everywhere and it’s the first article in the shopping list when heading to the beach for holidays.
Unfortunately, the beach has no right of speech in this country (nor in the world). That’s why it’s all of us, the #OceanAmbassadors, who want to share this message with you.

Your sunblock is killing our oceans and destroying our beaches.

Bold, I know, but true.
Sunblock was invented in times when nobody cared about the environment or the future of our planet and it’s been ever since causing struggle to the #ecosystem. Sunblock is made with a salad of chemical juices which provide that oily and creamy texture we love so much. Or not.
Now, with the unmeasurable amount of SB used on a daily basis, we are poisoning our waters. I wonder then, and I hope you too: What can us mortals do?
For now I propose a temporary solution (until future technologies rush to save our asses) to reduce contamination in our oceans, rivers, lakes, rain, jungle, ecosystems, planet and more.

Let’s start by being concious of what we are leaving to the world with our actions. Stop using regular sunblock and opt for more eco-friendly #biodegradable sunscreen. Everytime they’re more common and easier to recognize because there’s only two options: either they are made out of zinc oxide or titanium oxide. That’s it. No more.

Protector Evitar-que-el-sol-dañe-tu-piel Another thing we can do is to use long sleeve rashguards that will protect our body from UV rays.

Let’s do this #now to help the planet and get the favor back in the decades to come.

Share this with your friends and family if you agree.

Okaynough with what I think. Tell me, dear reader:
What do you think about using regular sunblock in our oceans, lakes and rivers.For example, in the #Cenotes of the @Riviera Maya?
What solutions can you think of?

By Juan de Garay Follow @juandegaraymx