Medical Policy

Here at ScubaCaribe, we make your safety our top priority.

Prior to all diving activities and courses with ScubaCaribe, you will be required to read and complete a medical questionnaire to identify any pre-existing condition that might affect your safety while diving.

Please find a copy of this medical questionnaire by PADI Medical Statement

Any positive response to any of the questions on this form requires a written and signed medical clearance from a physician prior to engaging in any of our diving activities.

A written and signed medical clearance from a diving physician is required for the following medical conditions:

  • History of heart surgery, heart disease, heart attack or stroke (CVA)
  • History of high blood pressure combined with subscription of “Beta blockers” to regulate hypertension
  • History of lung surgery, pneumothorax or collapsed lung
  • Asthma, if client generally carries an emergency inhaler
  • History of Epilepsy, convulsions or fainting
  • History of Diabetes
  • History of diving accident or diving sickness (such as DCS)

All of the above are potentially life threatening medical conditions when scuba diving, therefore we will accept a medical clearance from a proper diving physician only.

For all other medical situations causing a “Yes” answer on the medical questionnaire, a medical clearance from a certified doctor will be sufficient. When obliged to provide a medical clearance, please note that the clearance should be dated within 12 months before the diving activity, since medical conditions of a diver may change over time.

These steps are taken with your safety in mind and the attempt to reduce the risk of injury or death whilst diving.

For further information, contact

Please note that ScubaCaribe maintains the right to refuse a guest to dive based on medical or any other reason.