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4 places to visit in Riviera Maya

The Tulum Ruins

If you have not visited these beautiful ruins of Tulum, we highly recommend them!

Less than an hour from Playa del Carmen is this paradisiacal archaeological site of Tulum, which in Mayan means ”Wall”. We suggest you to go on a Tour with your friends or family but especially with a guide, so that they can explain to detail the mystical culture between the years 1200 and 1450.

These ruins were the meeting point where they commercialize all kinds of products like clothing and food, in addition, the Mayas counted with an excellent protection against an enemy attack, because they were protected by a barrier reef of coral that is the second biggest in the world.

These ruins will enchant you, because they have a magnificent view of the turquoise sea, where you can swim in the crystalline and warm waters of the Caribbean Sea.

You can not miss is the Temple of the Wind God that despite the centuries is still standing, it is incredible to see these pyramids and the location in which they are built: facing the stars and the rising sun, is amazing.


Puerto Aventuras


Another thing you can do in the Riviera Maya is to visit ”Puerto Aventuras”. It is a picturesque and very beautiful town, where its warm people will welcome you with open arms, is located only 15 minutes from Playa del Carmen in the municipality of Quintana roo and an hour from Cancun airport.

Puerto Aventuras is a charming and very colorful place that enchants you, it is surrounded by nature and vegetation that will make you feel calm and relaxed, but above all you will love its beautiful white beaches.

It has a huge golf course for lovers of this sport and also has a Museum that you will have to visit, discover and admire, nautical treasures found that you can not miss, when you visit this beautiful Port, take a tour to the underwater museum (SEDAM).
So if you decide to come on vacation to #Riviera Maya do not forget to visit this heavenly place.


Moc-Che Reef

Get to know this wonderful Reef Moc-Che, whether it is to snorkel or scuba diving.

The Reef Moc-Che is full of hard and soft corals, has a variety of colors that will hypnotize you, in this great place, there is a current of sea water, in which you must let go and live the experience, it is very exciting to live this fantastic experience.

I’ll tell you a bit more about this extraordinary place: the Moc-Che reef is the second largest coral reef in the world, it has a 30m (100ft) sand bottom coral wall during the winter season (December to March ) We frequent the bull sharks, perfect for intermediate and professional diving. That´s why you should come and dive at Moc-Che.

Bull sharks

This is the extreme scuba diving experience for certified divers who want to experience the most thrilling dive in the world. In November, the bull sharks visit us to spend the winter here and they stay until March when they migrate north. This is a dive program that not only introduces adventure seeking divers to wild sharks but also gives them a closer look at these magnificent and mysterious creatures.


t is an incredible feeling. The first encounter under water with these animals is everything; Outstanding, breathtaking, fantastic, unforgettable. To see these amazing animals in the open nature is truly something special.

This year promises to be the best! The Bull Shark season 2016-2017 is attracting extreme adventure lovers from all over the world.

It’s a static dive to a max depth of 80 feet with assigned space. The duration of the dive is 25 minutes, during this time you will be able to see these amazing animals up close. The number of sharks to encounter in any giving time is from 1 to 20 specimens. During the interaction, Divers DO NOT touch or feed the sharks.

And when it comes to new experiences, you should always say: hell yes!

Alejandro Esquinca.

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