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5 things that you shouldn´t miss if you visit Cabo San Lucas (Mexico)

San Jose del Cabo is the Municipal headquarters of Los Cabos, which is located at the end of the peninsula of Baja California. San José was founded in the year 1730 when the Jesuit Mission was established during the colonial period in San José del Cabo Añutí.

One of its attractions is the Plaza Mijares or (Plaza de las Armas) which is in the very heart of San José del Cabo, a magnificent place to begin your tour, in this beautiful city. The square is the perfect place to go to taste an ice cream, go for a walk with the family or just have some fresh air and visit the streets of downtown and its surroundings. You will also admire their crafts and is the best place to buy souvenirs for family and friends.

1) Pelican Rock

The first place you should not miss is the Isla de Pelícano, located in Cabo San Lucas, the perfect place to relax and enjoy a great variety of fauna.

In this paradisiac place you can admire the pelican in all its fullness and watch it jump from the rock to the sea. Certainly something that you have not had occasion to experience before. It will leave you speechless.

If you like snorkeling, this place is ideal for watching a wide variety of fish of many colors, an excellent option to visit in the Cabos.

Pelican Rock Cabo San Lucas

2) The Beach of Love

Many are the beautiful beaches that counts the state of Baja California, but among them is The Beach of Love. When you visit Los Cabos, do not forget the island paradise of love.

It really is an earthly jewel and it is an underwater adventure. It is located a few meters from the Srch near the Sea of Cortez. In this beach of love and crystalline waters, you can distinguish large infinity of goldfish in an unimaginable way. Within walking distance, you will find colonies of sea lions that will surprise you and admire you in its maximum splendor. You can practice scuba diving and sunbathing on its white sands like talcum powder.

Playa del Amor Cabo San Lucas

3) Cabo Pulmo

Cabo Pulmo, located between La Paz and San Jose del Cabo, is one of only three living reefs in California, this place of beauty and color is of unparalleled importance, a treasure that year after year attracts thousands of tourists to Snorkeling and diving, one of the reasons why we must preserve it, so that we all enjoy this wonder of nature.

You will observe several types of marine species like mantarays, sea lions, humpback whales and even sharks, a unique experience that you will remember forever.

It consists of four coral barriers between eight and twenty meters in length. The age of this beautiful reef has been estimated to be over 25,000 years old.

4) Sighting of the Humpback Whale

Los Cabos is one of the best tourist spots to observe humpback whales. The season starts in December and ends the first days of April. Is an activity perfect with family and friends, because everybody adore these whales for their immense size and their incredible white fins. It is a great experience to see them in full color. An incredible adventure that you will enjoy a lot.

ballena jorobada cabo san lucas

5) Sighting of Sea Lions

The Sea Lions is another great reason to visit Los Cabos during your vacation. In the blue waters of Cabo San Lucas, you will see colonies of clumpsy and very nice sea lions that you will love to admire in their own natural environment.

All the fun guaranteed in your vacations and a great adventure that you can not miss, so we invite you to see heaven on earth with us. It will surprise you!

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