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Diving with bull sharks – Best experience under water!

If you are searching for the most amazing diving experience, this is it!

Bull Shark

The experience of swimming with sharks without cage, approach these colossal animals, observing the way they swim is unique and makes us aware of the strength and ferocity of certain species.

From November to March, every visitor coming to Playa del Carmen (Mexico) will have the chance to go scuba diving with bull sharks with ScubaCaribe team. And, during this period, due to the low temperatures of the water, the bull sharks visit us to spend the winter here and they stay until March when they migrate north.

The bull shark is an impressive creature, since it reaches the 3.5 meters long and exceed 300 kilograms.

Diving in this location requires expert advice and only experience divers will be allowed on board.

ScubaCaribe operates under a manual of good practice to save our sharks and will make sure divers respect these guidelines too. We will never feed the sharks and will make sure none of the diving centers part of this program do so. We will also respect the animal and its environment in all possible ways. Our instructor will do a detail briefing to all the divers about how we will operate.

And an important tip! Because this is the first year that ScubaCaribe is participating in this initiative, we will take divers with bull sharks without any extra cost! Just for the normal price for 1 tank + $5 to support the organization and shark research. Want to book? Contact us!

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