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EUF Certification International

ScubaCaribe had a recent inspection that concluded by obtaining the ISO certification that evaluates qualified diving centers, scuba diving education and equipment rental at the locations of Riu Macao and Riu Republica. We are pleased to announce that we have obtained a very positive result. We are officialy a dive center ISO / EUF.

The European and ISO Standards define the state of the art for safety and quality in scuba diver and scuba instructor training.

How it works:

  • Who can apply?
    All entities directly providing recreational scuba diving training systems and certification and which assume responsibility for the implementation and quality management of scuba diver and scuba instructor training can apply for certification.
  • Document review
    On submission of the application for certification, the training organisation must provide specified information and documentation (e.g. training standards, training material for students). These are checked as to whether they meet the requirements of the applicable standards and justify the performance of on-site audits.
  • Audit team
    Assessments within the framework of the certification procedures are carried out by an audit team. This audit team is composed of a Lead Auditor who is appointed by the Austrian Standards Institute and a Technical Auditor who is a professional from the diving training industry.
  • On-site audits
    In order to validate the practical aspects of the training system, on-site audits are performed by the observation of a number of scuba diver and scuba instructor training events at appropriate levels. The number of training events to be audited is determined from the number of certifications issued per year.

This certification is obtained after a rigorous inspection and we are very proud of obtaining it. This certification qualify us as a company that meets the standards of safety, quality and excelent service.

We would like to thank everyone involved who have worked in the preparation and implementation of this inspection. Congratulations!

We are very proud of ScubaCaribe and we will meet all our customers needs!

European Underwater Federation


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