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Humpback Whales – 50 Tons of Talent

Humpback Whales – 50 Tons of Talent

By: Paulina Dorantes

Speaking of Odysseus’ mermaids called sirens, beautiful creatures whose sweet melodies travel across the ocean captivating sailors… Obviously, we are neither sailors nor pirates, but we truly fell in love with those remarkable giants.

The sea looks calm in Los Cabos, and the horizon is calling us for new adventures. Aboard a small fishing boat known as panga, we are on the lookout for larger sea creatures, when we detect some sudden movement in the distance: a group of at least 20 dolphins emerge before our eyes. I cannot imagine anything more perfect when a huge waterjet appeared. The exhalation sound worthy of a giant serves as proof, and our captain confirms, we have found the humpbacks!


50 tons are breaching out of the water into the air, completely! 50 tons of weight making acrobatic moves again and again. It’s a spectacle of sounds and waterjets, the Bellagio Fountains would feel jealous of what these majestic cetaceans can achieve, live art in all its splendor.

With our memory cards full of magic landscapes, dolphins and humpback whales, we return to the dock with a massive smile, ready to pencil down our next story.



Tour Information:

  • Where: Los Cabos, México
  • Season: December 15th to April 15th
  • Departures: 8.30am and 11.30am
  • What to bring: Rashguards, photo/video cameras, comfortable wear

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