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Top Marriage Proposal Idea : The Unique and Romantic Way


So you think you’ve found the right girl huh. Planning for a wedding? Hey, did you propose yet?

Proposing to your girl friend is the hardest thing in this world. It needs a lot of planning, thoughts and understanding to create a perfect idea. Even these ideas differ from person to person depending on their mood and taste of lifestyle. There are lots of marriage proposal ideas out there, but planning it in a unique and beautiful way takes a personal touch.

The best way to propose to your special someone is by planning special activities for the rest of the day and keeping the marriage proposal as your main event or finale to a series of blissful moments. That’s why a proposal is never easy.

So if you’re sure you’re going to spend the rest of your life with this special girl, why bother rushing things up? What about a romantic wedding proposal that will surely make her burst into a “yes”.

If you think a beach is romantic way to propose, how about an exciting underwater proposal? If you and your special someone are fond of adventures, then this would be the righ time . Dive together into many colorful sea world under. Take pictures together and upon reaching the beautiful spot, bring out the ring carefully in front of your girl and get the banner or placard asking her the question. Proposing marriage to your special one in this unique and creative way while letting the sea creatures witness this special moment is surely one perfect and unforgettable rejoice in your happiness. What are you waiting for, plan ahead and go scuba diving together and pop her the question. The expression underwater can’t be heard but seeing the smile on her face would surely bring you the assurance you’ve been waiting for.

Check this video, it´s so romantic!

Just bring out the creativity in you and be romantic as possible. Give her a romantic story she can ever share and tell with her friends and your future children. So what are you waiting for, stand up and go get her!

ScubaCaribe can help you out with all the planning and we will keep your secret!


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