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What is Snuba Diving?

Snuba diving is:

The Snuba Diving a relatively young form of diving that was invented in 1989 and further patented in 1990. Since its inception, it has become popular in a large range of locations throughout the world, such as the Caribbean and Hawaii.

How does it work?

Let’s take a look at the basics. In essence, snuba diving is a combination or snorkeling and SCUBA diving. Snuba diving, like snorkeling, doesn’t require the usage of an air tank in order to breathe while swimming underwater.

Instead, the air tank is connected to a small raft that sits atop the water above you. Snuba divers are connected to the raft via a lengthy hose. This hose allows divers to dive down approximately 15 ft. and stay there for an extended period of time, swimming around freely without the need to come up to the surface for air, which is one of the primary disadvantages of snorkeling. It is also possible to extend the depths of the dive to 20 ft., though up to 15 ft. is often the recommended maximum dive length. Unlike Scuba diving, snuba doesn’t readily encourage divers to seek certification before being allowed to go diving, which is a huge advantage to being able to do so whenever you want.

How is this dive useful?

You may be wondering how this type of diving can be useful when scuba diving and snorkeling already exist. For one, it is an experience that allows people that have never scuba dived before to get a better glimpse of what diving is really like. Anyone that doesn’t know how to use an air tank won’t have to learn before diving, which greatly adds to the appeal. For those already versed in scuba diving, snuba diving provides the sensation of scuba diving without requiring you to focus so much on maintaining your air supply or worry about depths — it’s all about having fun in the moment. Those that are looking to snuba dive for the first time should note that beginners typically receive a 30 minute lesson before being allowed to go diving.
Check out this video from our dive shop offering snuba to get a closer look at what this hybrid sport is all about!


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