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Snorkeling Cape Verde

Despite its remoteness and lack of natural resources, Cape Verde is a unique collection of 10 islands about 500km/ 310mi off Africa’s west coast in the Atlantic Ocean, featuring impressive white sandy beaches, tousled jungles, vast volcanic landscapes and a vibrant blend of cultures with influences from Portugal, Africa and Brazil.

While snorkeling and diving are possible year-round in Sal Island, Boa Vista’s is limited to April throughout November due to challenging weather conditions and rough sea. This is when the water appears to be crystal-clear except for those areas with heavy plankton, providing perfect conditions for whales.

Boa Vista and Sal Island are home to a unique diversity of marine life. Every trip promises adventure.

IMPORTANT: Please note that during the winter months the sea conditions in Boa Vista can be rougher than usual which may affect the operation.

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Snorkeling Trip

Location: Sal | Duration: 1.5 hours

Explore Cape Verde's reefs and marine life

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Reef Cape Verde

Snorkeling Trip

Location: Boa Vista | Duration: 1.5 hours

Boa Vista is surrounded by a shallow reef making this area home to a huge variety of sea life

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