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Tours Montego Bay

Cruising along the coastline of Montego Bay aboard one of our catamarans, enjoying the Reggae music while having an amazing view on the green and lush mountains. First time and experienced snorkelers can enjoy the beautiful and healthy reefs in front of Montego Bay with our certified lifeguards who can spot the different marine life for you!

Sergeant Major, groupers, colorful sponges and rays are frequent visitors in Jamaican waters together with schools of colorful tropical fish.

In the afternoon you can join the Catamaran Cruise, spotting incredible marine life while snorkeling, having fun and relax on a private beach, and enjoy the Jamaican rum onboard on your way back!

IMPORTANT: All services in Jamaica are exclusively for RIU guests. Access to guests of other hotels can only be granted if we receive your online booking 48+ hours in advance to inform RIU that you agree to purchase a day pass at US$60/ person to use the facilities of their newly refurbished Hotel RIU Montego Bay 5* incl. ScubaCaribe, Splash Water Park, All Inclusive restaurants, bars etc. Except on public holidays. Montego Bay is an adults-only resort.

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Catamaran Cruise Montego Bay Jamaica

Catamaran Cruise

Location: Montego Bay | Duration: 3 hours

Relax, dance, and have fun! That is what this excursion is all about. Cruise along the lush coastline of Montego Bay, enjoy the Reggae music, and sunbathe in our comfortable catamarans. Turquoise waters invite you to get in the water with ScubaCaribe’s certified snorkel guides and snorkel at a vibrant coral reef with schools of sergeant major, groupers, and rays. Relax and have a good time at the private beach. Back on board our catamaran you can dance away the day!

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Signature Snorkeling

Location: Montego Bay | Duration: 2 hours

First time snorkelers and experienced snorkelers will have plenty to see on the healthy reefs. Schools of tropical fish, trumpet fish, puffer fish, sergeant major and different types of rays are frequent visitors along the colourful sponges, sea fans and brain corals protected by many different types of damselfish. On board we serve non-alcoholic beverages and you can listen to the Jamaican Reggae music while enjoying the coastline passing by. ScubaCaribe’s certified snorkel guides will take you on a guided tour at 2 different shallow coral reefs where you can spend 45 minutes on each reef

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