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Tours Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico

Embedded between the Pacific Ocean and the Western Sierra Madre Mountains, Riviera Nayarit is a vacation destination with a coastline that stretches almost 320 kms/ 200 miles, where luxury merges with the abundance of nature for a dream vacation in an atmosphere of hospitality, comfort and fun.

Enjoy luxury sailing, whale photo safaris, escapes to Las Marietas and Las Caletas, as well as surf trips!

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Marieta Islands

Islas Marietas Eco Discovery

Location: Mexico | Duration: 7 hours

In the open sea, inside the Banderas Bay, there is a group of small volcanic islands known as the Marieta Islands. Those islands that became famous thanks to the oceanographer Jacques Cousteau, provide the perfect environment for a fun eco adventure. Experiment the feeling of coexisting with the wildlife above and underwater while you ride on a kayak, snorkel and explore the unique ecosystem with the help of our guides and fun crew

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Las Caletas Beach Hideaway

Las Caletas Hidden Beach

Location: Mexico | Duration: 7 hours

Visit the hidden tropical paradise “Las Caletas” that can only be accessed by sea. Discover why John Huston chose this remote location as his hiding place in paradise. The Caletas are known as the Mexican Garden of Eden, a charming tropical beach where you will be able to relax and let the everyday stress vanish

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Luxury Sunset Sailing

Luxury Sunset Sailing

Location: Mexico | Duration: 3 hours

Puerto Vallarta is famous with its beautiful sunsets, and there is nothing more peaceful and romantic than navigating through Banderas Bay while the crimson sun submerges into the deep blue Pacific waters. Imagine, the sun setting, you relaxing on the deck with a cocktail in your hands and the wind taking you through the crystal clear waters of Bahia de Banderas

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Luxury Yacht & Snorkel

Luxury Yacht & Snorkeling

Location: Mexico | Duration: 5 hours

Travel in style aboard our first-class cruising yacht for a Luxury Snorkeling Adventure. Snorkel in two of the most impressive locations in the bay, and look out for humpback whales and wild dolphins along the way! Discover the vibrant marine life at Los Arcos National Park – a premier snorkeling destination for tourists and locals alike, and then cruise to the natural paradise of Majahuitas cove, home of the most beautiful beach in the bay

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Rhythms of the Night

Rhythms of the Night

Location: Nuevo Vallarta | Duration: 5 hours

As the night falls, The Caletas transform into a magical paradise, the backdrop for our exclusive event, Rhythms of the Night: a breathtaking journey that will take you to a forgotten spiritual land

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Whale Photo Safari

Whale Photo Safari

Location: Mexico | Duration: 3 hours

A picture captures a unique moment in a specific time and this special excursion is designed to capture that magical encounter with dolphins and majestic humpback whales in Banderas Bay. The essence of this Photo Safari is to find wildlife and enjoy the beautiful moments in which you can watch calmly the whales and dolphins play, jump and enjoy their natural habitat

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Yelapa & Majahuitas

Location: Nuevo Vallarta | Duration: 7 hours

Take a break to enjoy a peaceful day in Yelapa and the coastal villages of Majahuitas. They are a must! With emerald water, golden sands and beautiful beaches, those remote bays are ideal for snorkeling, swimming and kayaking. A perfect landscape to explore the hidden shelters of the Banderas Bay

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