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Local Snorkeling

Local Snorkeling

Location: Playa del Carmen | Duration: 2 hours

Discover the underwater world on this professionally guided snorkel tour. We will navigate to the beautiful shallow reef of INAH where you’ll be able to snorkel with turtles, stingrays as well as a bunch of different fish that are home to the Caribbean Sea

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Discover Guanacaste

Location: Guanacaste | Duration: 3 hours

Let our professional guides show you the beauty of the ocean while enjoying a snorkeling stop

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Costa Rica reef

Snorkeling Tour

Location: Guanacaste | Duration: 75 minutes

Costa Rica's snorkeling sites are always good for a surprise. Encounter turtles and large schools of fish. We go out up to four times a day!

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Private Boat Excursion – Wahoo (4 pax)

Location: Maafushi | Duration: 3 hours

Visit Maldives and experience the most popular activities – snorkeling, sandbank and dolphin quest in a private boat. You can explore the crystal clear, blue waters and have an unforgettable time

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Island Discovery

Location: Mexico | Duration: 5 hours

Discover the world-famous intimate Playa Del Amor, known as the Hidden Beach of Puerto Vallarta. Upon reaching Playa Del Amor, you will have the opportunity to see the aquatic life and wildlife at your own pace. You can explore the caves and beautiful arches by swimming, admire the varied collection of fish by snorkeling, or simply relax under the Puerto Vallarta sun. The choice is entirely up to you, and you can have an adventure of your own

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Luxury Sunset Sailing

Luxury Sunset Sailing

Location: Mexico | Duration: 3 hours

Puerto Vallarta is famous with its beautiful sunsets, and there is nothing more peaceful and romantic than navigating through Banderas Bay while the crimson sun submerges into the deep blue Pacific waters. Imagine, the sun setting, you relaxing on the deck with a cocktail in your hands and the wind taking you through the crystal clear waters of Bahia de Banderas

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Playa del Coco Costa Rica

Taxi Boat to Coco Beach (round-trip)

Location: Guanacaste | Duration: return trip

Catch a boat ride to Playa del Coco

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Snorkeling ScubaCaribe

Signature Snorkeling

Location: Ocho Rios | Duration: 2 hours

First time snorkelers and experienced snorkelers will have plenty to see on the healthy reefs. Schools of tropical fish, trumpet fish, puffer fish, sergeant major and different types of rays are frequent visitors along the colorful sponges, sea fans and brain corals protected by many different types of damselfish

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Luxury Sailing

Location: Mexico | Duration: 6 hours

Enjoy Puerto Vallarta at its finest, and sail across the Bay of Banderas in a luxury vessel to many of the most scenic and spectacular waterfront locations. Get glimpses of the beautiful Sierra Madre mountain range and the city of Puerto Vallarta, as well as the surrounding tropical rainforest, and spot the extraordinary marine wildlife that inhabits this place

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Luxury Yacht & Snorkel

Luxury Yacht & Snorkeling

Location: Mexico | Duration: 5 hours

Travel in style aboard our first-class cruising yacht for a Luxury Snorkeling Adventure. Snorkel in two of the most impressive locations in the bay, and look out for humpback whales and wild dolphins along the way! Discover the vibrant marine life at Los Arcos National Park – a premier snorkeling destination for tourists and locals alike, and then cruise to the natural paradise of Majahuitas cove, home of the most beautiful beach in the bay

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ScubaCaribe Catamaran Cruise

Catamaran Cruise

Location: Ocho Rios | Duration: 2 hours

Relaxing, dancing and enjoying the view while listening to the reggae beats onboard our comfortable catamaran. Cruising along the coastline with an amazing view on the palm lined coastline, snorkel at a vibrant coral reef in the pristine warm and clear Caribbean waters and enjoy the Jamaican vibes with Jamaican rum on your way back aboard our comfortable catamaran

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Rhythms of the night VIP

Location: Mexico | Duration: 5 hours

As the night falls, The Caletas transform into a magical paradise, the backdrop for our exclusive event, Rhythms of the Night: a breathtaking journey that will take you to a forgotten spiritual land

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Catamaran Cruise Montego Bay Jamaica

Catamaran Cruise

Location: Montego Bay | Duration: 3 hours

Relaxing, dancing and enjoying the view while listening to the reggae beats onboard our comfortable catamaran. Cruising along the coastline of Montego Bay onboard of one of our catamarans, enjoying the Reggae music, while having an amazing view on the green and lush mountains

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Diving Course

Mangrove Tour

Location: Playa Blanca | Duration: 2 hours

Enjoy a scenic ride along Panama's coastline to the wild mangrove of Juan Hombron

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Catamaran Snorkeling Cruise

Location: Aruba | Duration: 3 hours

Experience the beautiful snorkeling site Antilla Shipwreck. Sunk during WW II, it is now a magnificent snorkeling site full of marine life. Our next stop is Boca Catalina with crystal clear waters, surrounded by hundreds of small colorful fish. With a bit of luck, a sea turtle might occasionally join us. The smooth ride and the easy snorkeling experience make this tour perfectly suitable for all ages. Come and join us for a family adventure you won't forget! Departures: 9:30 am - 12:30 pm or 1:00 pm - 4 pm

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Wildlife Safari Encounter

Location: Los Cabos | Duration: 2.5 hours

One of the most iconic places to enjoy this activity is Baja California Sur because of the wide variety and richness of flora and fauna it has to offer to visitors who are looking for wild life encounters both on land and in the ocean

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Catamaran Sunset Cruise

Location: Aruba | Duration: 2 hours

Indulge yourself in this sunset sailing. Feel the wind, enjoy the warm sun rays on your skin, and watch the magnificent sunset on this sailing trip along the west coast of Aruba. Caribbean music will set you in a relaxed and perfect mood to create unforgettable moments. What are you waiting for?

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Farallon Island @jerryfit

Farallon Island Tour

Location: Playa Blanca | Duration: 1 hour

Take a break to enjoy a peaceful day for a boat ride around the picturesque Farallon Island

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24ft Charter Boat, half day (4 pax)

Location: Guanacaste | Duration: 4 hours

Come along and enjoy some of the best fishing locations the Guanacaste coastline has to offer

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Private Speed Boat Ride With Snorkeling

Location: Aruba | Duration: 2 hours

This private boat trip offers an enjoyable experience for the entire family but also offers lots of great sightseeing by water. Ask your driver about the Aruba landmarks as you speed by. Snorkel into Aruba's underwater sanctuary and explore the marine life. Witness an array of tropical fish and aquatic creatures in Aruba's crystal-clear waters

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