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Water Sports in Bayahibe, Dominican Republic

Let’s have fun in the sun, on the beach and in the ocean!

IMPORTANT: Services are not available for Hilton hotel guests.

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Catamaran Lesson

Location: Bayahibe | Duration: 1 hour

In the first part of the course, you will learn the theory of sailing and the theoretical parts of the catamaran. You will also learn the basic rules about how to use it. Then, we will continue with the practical part of the course, in which we will build upon the theory that you learned in the first part. Under the supervision of your sailing instructor, you will apply your knowledge in the sea and your instructor will provide more necessary techniques to help you navigate. Finally, you will learn advanced navigation and self-rescue techniques to increase your confidence with the Catamaran

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Windsurf Lesson

Location: Bayahibe | Duration: 1 hour

Our windsurfing lessons promise lots of fun! You will learn the required skills to make you enjoy this water sports activity

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