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Water Sports in Negril, Jamaica

Let’s have fun in the sun, on the beach and in the ocean!

IMPORTANT: All services in Jamaica are exclusively for RIU guests. Access to guests of other hotels can only be granted if we receive your online booking 48+ hours in advance to inform RIU that you agree to purchase a day pass at US$60/ person to use their facilities incl. ScubaCaribe, All Inclusive restaurants & bars, pools etc. Except on public holidays.

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Sailing lesson Negril

Sailing Introduction

Location: Negril | Duration: 1 hour

Feel the wind in your hair and sun on your skin while sailing the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean Sea. ScubaCaribe’s certified sailing instructors will teach you the names and use of the different parts of the Hoby Wave. You will learn about the wind directions and go out with your instructor to put everything you learned into practice to become a PRO yourself!

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