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Los Cabos, Baja California: Nature at its finest and Wildlife encounter

As one of the top tourist destinations in Mexico, Los Cabos has wonders to offer if you are looking for breath-taking scenarios, exciting marine experiences and a first hand encounter with wildlife that will make you understand why the Sea of Cortez is known as “the aquarium of the world”.
If you are in love with the ocean, there is no way you can miss this, if you are not (not yet) dare to try unique marine adventures, embrace nature like never before and let yourself be tempted by dazzling waters and exuberant fauna, enjoying nature in Cabo is a dream come true.Get ready to find permanent residents as well as species that travel thousands of kilometers in specific seasons of the year to swim the warm protected waters of the Baja California peninsula that lovingly welcomes migratory biodiversity.

The Sea of Cortez, with is astonishing beauty and crystal clear waters, is home for sea lions, dolphins, sea turtules, the beautiful mobulas, the shark whale and multitude of tropical fish and sea stars.

Sea lions are playful, peaceful and often friendly to humans, you will fall in love with the beautiful curious cubs.

Live the thrilling experience of watching the magnificent mobula rays, join their migration journey, ride along with them while you witness one of the largest gathering of rays on earth.
But maybe the most memorable experience is swimming with whale sharks, 20,000 pound “gentle giants” that will give you a hard to believe experience.

Exciting? Cabo san lucas is all yours to explore…. Dive in!

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