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ScubaCaribe Mexico: ScubaCaribe, one of the most established dive and water sports operations in the Caribbean with more than 25 years of experience in the industry announces their participation in PADI AWARE WEEK to teach environmental awareness and inspire on global scale.

Besides ocean cleanup dives and beach cleaning in several of their destinations, like Dominican Republic, Mexico, Cape Verde and Panama, ScubaCaribe has developed a public program together with DREAMS LA ROMANA and DREAMS DOMINICUS in the Dominican Republic:

18/09/ 7:00 PM documentary “Chasing Coral”/ Dreams La Romana hotel

19/09/ 7:00 PM documentary “Chasing Coral”/ Dreams Dominicus hotel

20/09/ 7:00 PM documentary “The Fog of the Sea”/ Dreams La Romana hotel

21/09/ 7:00 PM documentary “The Fog of the Sea”/ Dreams Dominicus hotel

Following each of the screenings, there will be a series of questions and answers between the public, employees of ScubaCaribe and FUNDEMAR, a non-government organization dedicated to the promotion of the sustainable use of marine resources and ecosystems through research, education, and the development of conservation projects. Staffed with a multidisciplinary team of biologists, ecologists, and educators capable of acting with scientific rigor and a network of service-minded local and international volunteers, the organization is able to mobilize its knowledge, resources, and efforts in support of its goals.

“All participants will be invited to sign up for the PADI AWARE CORAL REEF CONSERVATION course. There is no requirement to enter the water, and therefore any guest can join without age limit” says ScubaCaribe Dominican Republic’s Marine Biologist and Dive Team Leader Soledad de Pino. “Certified divers will be offered the opportunity to dive at ScubaCaribe’s CORAL NURSERY to DIVE AGAINST DEBRIS and support the ecological fishing of lionfish, on 22nd and 23rd of September. Those who sign up for any of our activities will be given a themed shirt as a gift.”

AWARE Week marks the perfect time to focus on the ocean through learning, inspiring or acting. Whether it’s becoming a debris activist, saying no to single-use plastics or making responsible seafood choices, no action is too small to enforce positive benefits.

Public, hotels and other businesses are invited to join! 

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ScubaCaribe is located at several coveted four and five star beach resorts in currently nine countries, featuring their own fleet and a comprehensive portfolio of diving and water sports activities, excursions and fun for the entire family and groups, as well as big fish encounters and diving in cenotes. ScubaCaribe strives to provide memorable experiences to all of their guests, and is committed to quality, safety and environment.

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